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Wait ‘Til They Get a Load of Meme

By camh · November 11, 2013 · 8 notes

Phone Brandon

This is Phone Brandon. He’s been a GroupMe meme since 2011. That’s right. We’ve had meme technology since 2011, when employees Brandon Keene and Pat Nakajima wrote a command-line utility to place top and bottom text on any image and upload it to our team chat.

Guru Spillman

We’ve seen our memes develop personalities. This is Guru Spillman. He tastes the sun in the moonlight. And spends whole days thinking about happiness. Meanwhile, Phone Brandon collects evidence against us and orders Fernet and sodas.

Sometimes memes interact and build off each other. Here, Canadian Geoff (Disclaimer: Geoff no longer works for us but he is definitely very Canadian even if he tells you otherwise) is explaining a Canadian-ism:

Canadian Geoff

Jared Explains responds:

Jared Explains

But mostly they’re just one-off goofs:

Excited Novak

Terrified Cara

Jeremy is Too Cool

Mike Miller Lite

Joey Looks Dead

Sarcastic Neil

I’m not writing this to brag about how hilarious we are. We know we are. But since this has been a big part of the GroupMe culture, we decided to bring it to the GroupMe product.

So now we are making our meme technology available in our iPhone and web app, so you and your friends can have the same fun we’ve had for two years.


This a meme of me. I honestly never understood why my co-workers thought this meme was funny.

All memes are of current or former GroupMe employees.